New Mauna Lani Shopping Center Coming Soon

by Beautiful Big Island Properties

Mystery shopping in paradise is about to get even better as the Beautiful Big Island will soon have another shopping center.

The Mauna Lani Shopping and dining experience at the Mauna Lani Resort will soon be able to offer more dining and shopping options for residents and visitors. The new center will add 20,000 square feet with space for restaurants, retail shops, offices and self-storage units.

The Leeward Planning Commission approved a rezoning proposal last week that cleared a path for a new development at the Mauna Lani Resort in South Kohala. The development will cover 20,000 square feet and create a space to support offices, retail outlets, restaurants and self-storage units. Cory Redding — of Salem, Oregon-based CD Redding Construction — spoke on behalf of the development at the planning commission meeting Thursday. He characterized the development as a “mixed use shopping center” and said its start date was June 01.

Redding and his partners submitted an application requesting the commission rezone a roughly 1.75-acre parcel designated for agricultural purposes and render it eligible for commercial-industrial mixed use. The proposal passed unanimously Thursday morning by a vote of 7-0, as did a request for special management area use permit. The SMA use permit incorporates an existing structure and parking lot on the parcel, while also allowing for the addition of two more buildings and an expanded parking area

The proposals will next come before the County Council with the recommendations of the planning commission. If the council signs off, the development will proceed.

“I think this is a great project,” said commissioner Nancy Carr Smith. “I think it will serve a need in the Mauna Lani Area.”

Chair Keith Unger echoed her sentiments, applauding the developers for tidying up the road frontage in the area while also urging them to remain mindful of nearby archaeological sites.

Redding expressed no concern about the project’s ability to comply with regulations set forth by the State Historic Preservation Division, an arm of the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

The only issue addressed during testimony was the possibility of the shopping center to hook up with the Mauna Lani sewer system. If developers can’t establish a link, the plan will be to instead create an on-site septic system.

If such a shift in plans proves necessary, the greatest impact to the project will likely be that each building on the property will only support one restaurant, as dining establishments tend to demand a significantly greater water source than offices or storage units.

The land parcel was purchased from the Tokyu Corporation, headquartered out of Shibuya, Tokyo in Japan, which owns the Mauna Lani Resort, Redding said.

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