Recent Mystery Shopping Job Assignments

The following is a list of real Mystery Shopping Jobs recently made available by hiring companies.

Note: asterisks (***) listed in a job post denote private information available to registered shoppers only.


Looking for a female mystery shopper to do a fun and quick assignment. The assignment is to shop a cosmetics store and pays $30.00 (including bonus). It entails interacting with an associate by pretending to be interested in one of their products so that you can evaluate the customer service, sales skills, product knowledge, etc.

Movie Theater

Last Minute Theater Checks!
See a comedy, drama, action or family film. * * * invites you to see a movie with us. We currently have theatre checks for all showtimes 6pm and later on either Friday or Saturday. We also have some open theater checks for all showtimes 6pm and later Sunday.

Automotive Service

$25.00 and a Free Oil Service package.
* * * has current assignments for a well known automotive service. Pays $25.00 for the shop and a free oil, lube & filter service paid for as well. If interested, please contact.

Donut Shop

* * * has donut shop assignments available. These audits require a purchase of a dozen donuts and 4 coffees. The pay for these locations is $35.00 plus reimbursement of purchase.

These shops can be done up to 9pm at night.

Hardware Store

Involves evaluating a salesperson in each of the different departments of the shop. Pays $20.00, plus a purchase reimbursement.
Report: Checklist of yes / no questions. Some detailed commentary.
When: Can go anytime during regular business hours. Due date applies.


* * * is recruiting shoppers for an assignment at retail clothing stores. These are customer service assignments. Shoppers will portray a typical consumer looking for new clothing. The average shop time is 15 minutes. A scenario will be provided, but shopper will portray a typical customer. The assignments do not have to be shopped on a specific date or time, but must completed in a timely manner. Shoppers willing to shop multiple assignments in outer areas - more than 30 miles from their home will receive extra compensation.

* Shopper pay: $25.00
* Shoppers with the greatest flexibility and willing to shop multiple locations will get first consideration.


$50.00 Per Shop for Last Minute Bank Shops.

The shops need to be completed ASAP - Thursday or Friday, */**.
You will receive a $17.00 fee - plus a $33.00 BONUS for these shops. That's $50.00 for each shop.

These particular shops are New Account shops. You will visit the bank during regular business hours (most are 9am to 6pm) and pose as a customer interested in changing banks because you are dissatisfied with your current bank. You will be seeking information about the bank and about opening chequing and savings accounts. You will not actually open an account for this shop - just obtain the information needed. The evaluation form is approximately 30 questions (mostly Yes / No). You will enter the results online. You must also obtain a business card or piece of literature with the specific branch address if no business card is available.

Book Store

* * * has an urgent bookstore shop that needs to be completed early this week. A bonus has been added to this shop so that it pays $17.00 plus bonus.

Restaurant / Bar

Desperately seeking Restaurant / Bar shopper.

Please reply only if you are able to do on the date shown. These are due to last minute shopper cancellations and must be completed by */** or */** only. Please include your first and last name, email address and phone number where you can be reached and which date you will complete the shop. Serious shoppers only.

Shop time: between 6 - 9pm
Dinner budget: $50.00
Bar budget: $15.00

Shopper's report is due online 24 hours after the shop has been completed.

Insurance Company

This shop entails contacting 4 different insurance companies for price quotes. We will provide the specifications to give the company on which to base the quote.

You will receive $25.00 for completing the shop and most are done via phone or web site. You will receive a bonus if asked to visit the local office of the insurance company for your quote.

You must:
1. have a valid driver's license
2. have auto insurance
3. be at least 21 years of age.


* * * is recruiting shoppers for * * * retail clothing store assignments. This is a customer service evaluation. Average shop time is 20 minutes. The shopper will be required to make a purchase. A scenario will be provided - shopper will portray a typical customer. Shopper pay: $30.00 per assignment.

Shoppers with the greatest flexibility and willing to shop multiple locations will get first consideration.

Golf Course

Play golf for FREE! Golfers wanted for ongoing shops. Scheduling premium golf course mystery shopping on behalf of * * *. We're looking for avid golfers who have a keen eye for customer service and are also able to rate golf course conditions. Expectation is to make a phone call for tee time and then play 18 holes of golf and rate all services and amenities including food and beverage.

Required to interact with all staff at the property and rate course conditions, amenities, pace of play, etc.

Fast Food Restaurant

Work with a leader in the industry!

Help improve the overall fast food experience. We are currently looking for shoppers to visit a local fast food restaurant as a customer to discreetly observe the customer service and cleanliness of the restaurant. Perform various tasks including timing your visit, making specific purchases inside or at the drive-through before leaving. Return home to complete a survey based on your overall dining experience. The survey is made up of mostly yes / no questions plus some general comments.

These shops will pay you $15.00 plus food. We have immediate openings for as early as this week end, as well as shops for next month.

Welding Supply Store

Male shoppers only needed to perform evaluations of a welding supply store by *** ***. Shoppers will be paid $25.00 for each shop completed plus purchase of up to $25.00. Shops may only be conducted between 8am and 4pm - weekdays only.

Sandwich Restaurant

Recruiting for a popular Sandwich Restaurant type assignment. The shops need to be visited between certain hours. You may choose any of these time slots: 11:00am - 11:45am, 1:00pm - 1:30pm, or 5:00pm - 6:00pm. The report is only 14 very simple questions. You are required to observe activity for 30 minutes while eating a purchased meal, which is reimbursed. Pay is $18.00.

Greeting Cards

Last minute shop at a retail greeting card shop.
Very simple shop to do. Only 17 questions. If you are interested in this shop, please email. Shop must be completed by **/**/** at the latest. Pay is $30.00


Resort Stay Overnight Shops.
If you are flexible, detail oriented and enjoy vacations and travel, you are a perfect candidate for this shop. You will visit a timeshare resort and spend 4 days / 3 nights at the resort. The actual shop consists of:
Going on a tour of the resort, which includes a 90 minute sales presentation.

Recording the presentation (we will provide you with a purse / fanny pack that has a concealed recorder and microphone inside),
Filling out a questionnaire about your experience.

If you are married or engaged, your spouse / fiancé must accompany you on the tour. You must be at least 21 to apply for this shop. Children under the age of 5 should not accompany you on the tour.

You will receive:
4 days / 3 nights of accommodations
$100.00 shop pay
Mileage reimbursement

Please email with any questions prior to submitting your request


Hip Hop Clothing Shop with Bonus.
Looking for shoppers that are between the ages of 18 and 30 and / or shoppers that could bring along someone between the ages of 13 and 25. The shopper's report is simple. Pay is $20.00, plus purchase. You must visit the dressing room and you must make a purchase.

If you do not meet the age requirement but can bring someone that does, please put his or her age(s) in the comment section of the application. Shoppers who complete their assignments on time and correctly will be offered future shops.

Retirement Community

Senior Shoppers Only.
Shoppers needed who are of retirement age. If you are over 66, * * * has some interesting and well-paid shops that require visits to retirement communities. Requirements:

a) You must be able to write about your visits - clearly;
b) These are upscale communities so you need to appear and sound as if you are an ideal candidate to move in;
c) You must be available visit during the day on weekdays only.

Please do not respond if you are not over 66.


Dinner shops available.
These shops require that two people dine and order two different entrees and 2 beverages (not water). One diner must upgrade and order a Buffet ($4 extra) with their entree. The forms are a very simple check off forms, with only two areas to make comments on the most pleasing part of your visit and the most disappointing part of your visit.


Get away for a night on us!
Experienced shoppers wanted for an overnight stay. Must be observant, reliable and communicate well. Monday through Friday only. Restaurant meal or room service, depending on location. Pays $50.00
*complimentary breakfast must be attended.

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Mystery Shopping Industry Facts

The importance of customer service has turned mystery shopping into a $1.6 billion a year industry that employs over 1.5 million people worldwide.

More than 9 million mystery shops were conducted in 2017.

Mystery shopping is conducted in almost every industry, ranging from quick-service and high-end restaurants, hotels and resorts, banks and financial service providers, apartments, convenience stores, chain and specialty retailers, home builders, self-storage facilities, healthcare organizations, supermarkets and many more.

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